Microsoft Word 2016: (A) Fundamentals - EOD

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Course: 2112858 - Microsoft Word 2016: (A) Fundamentals - EOD

Course Description:

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Learn the essentials of Microsoft Word and word processing. Create, navigate, edit and save documents, apply character formatting, and insert images. Find out how to apply paragraph formatting, create bulleted and numbered lists, and customize tab stops. Learn to adjust margins and indents. Work with document views and learn how to print documents.


Course Outline

  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface
  • Viewing Documents
  • Creating and Saving Documents
  • Previewing and Printing Options
  • Navigating and Selecting Text
  • Modifying Text
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Applying Character Formatting
  • Aligning Text Using Tabs
  • Displaying Text as List Items
  • Controlling Paragraph Layout
  • Using Margins, Indentation, Spacing, and Hyphenation
  • Adding, Resizing, and Cropping Images
  • Applying Text Wrap
  • Rotating and Positioning Images
  • Adding Captions
  • Sorting Lists, Fields, and Text
  • Renumbering and Customizing Lists
  • Working with Multilevel Lists
  • Adjusting List Appearance and Formatting
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar
  • Determining Readability and Word Count
  • Using the Thesaurus and Research Options
  • Checking Accessibility
  • Customizing the Word Interface
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Using Additional Save Options
  • Opening Non-Native Files in Microsoft Word
  • Importing Files
  • Opening and Editing PDF Documents
  • Appending Text to a Document
  • Linking to Other Documents
Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.60
Section#: 6019
Section Meeting Dates and Times:
12/4/2019: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
12/5/2019: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Suite 2201 - Lab 2202
General Services Complex (GSC)
750 Agronomy Rd.

Category: Technology Training - Word Processing

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