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Course: 2111299 - Managing Your Time - EOD

Course Description:

EMPLOYEE & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Time is a limited resource. Managing one’s time effectively is a critical skill for being more productive and relieving stress. Participants in this course will learn skills, tools and strategies for managing their time appropriately, setting priorities and making time spent in meetings more beneficial. This course is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the influences that affect their use of time and learning strategies for using time more productively.


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Course Outline

  • Define time management and identify factors that influence your use of time
  • Identify your personal priorities
    • Learning about what is most important
    • Discussing tools for managing priorities
  • Identify tools to improve time management
  • Create a plan by applying basic skills and knowledge of some common time management tools
    • Creating a plan based on your priorities and tasks
Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.30

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Category: Professional Development - Professional Enhancement

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