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Course: 211183 - Managing Anger in the Workplace - EOD

Course Description:

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Having the ability to successfully manage anger in the workplace is essential to both professional and personal success. Whether the source of anger is within yourself or from a co-worker, employee or family member, identifying anger warning signs and learning methods to manage your anger and diffuse anger in others is important. This course is taught by an HR Employee Assistance Program instructor.


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Course Outline

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of anger
    • Defining anger and its different components
    • Learning and understanding the different responses to anger and how this differs between individuals
    • Reviewing myths about anger
  • Improving ability to recognize and understand anger in the workplace
    • Reviewing signs of anger in the workplace
    • Reviewing common sources of anger in the workplace
  • Reviewing tools to manage anger
    • Reviewing techniques used to diffuse anger
    • Learning how and when to appropriately implement anger management techniques, including when threatened
Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.30

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Category: Professional Development - Professional Enhancement

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