Microsoft Word 2016: (B) Collaboration - EOD

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Course: 2112899 - Microsoft Word 2016: (B) Collaboration - EOD

Course Description:

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Discover how to use the features of Microsoft Word to collaborate efficiently. Find out how to modify user information, insert and reply to comments, as well as compare, accept, and reject document changes. Learn how to combine modifications from multiple reviewers, coordinate document versions, utilize the Revisions pane, and mark a document as final.


Course Outline

  • Modifying User Information
  • Viewing File Properties
  • Inserting, Editing, and Replying to Comments
  • Marking Comments Done
  • Navigating Through and Deleting Comments
  • Comparing Document Changes
  • Accepting and Rejecting Changes
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Tracking Changes
  • Using Markup Views and the Track Changes Indicator
  • Reviewing Changes
  • Merging Document Changes
  • Combining Modifications from Multiple Reviewers
  • Using Revisions Pane
  • Resolving Style Conflicts
  • Suppressing Information
  • Removing Personal Information from a Document
  • Setting Editing Restrictions
  • Marking as Final
  • Restricting Document Access with Passwords
Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.20

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Category: Technology Training - Word Processing

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