Managing Difficult Behavior in the Workplace - EOD

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Course: 2111798 - Managing Difficult Behavior in the Workplace - EOD

Course Description:

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: This workshop will examine some common difficult behaviors encountered when dealing with people in the workplace. Some of the behaviors we will examine are: complainers, blamers, passive aggressive, gossiping and aggressive. We will discuss ways to facilitate change or learn to cope with the difficult behaviors, regardless of the type of relationship (supervisor/supervisee, customer, or colleague). Course instruction is provided by an Employee Assistance Program psychologist.


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Course Outline

  • Defining "difficult"; differentiating between difficult and disciplinable.
    • Reviewing definition of a difficult behavior
    • Discussing examples of real behaviors employees exhibit
  • Understanding patterns of difficult behaviors and why people have them
    • Reviewing common patterns
    • Discussing participant’s experience, what works and what doesn’t
  • Reviewing tricks, tools, and techniques for managing behaviors
  • Applying to actual situations-group discussion
  • Practicing, reviewing and summarizing take-home points
Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.30

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Category: Professional Development - Professional Enhancement

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