Employee Payroll Action (EPA) Training - PAYR

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Course: 211221 - Employee Payroll Action (EPA) Training - PAYR

Course Description:

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: This is an entry level course where attendees will learn the meaning of an EPA and its different sections and will also have a hands-on experience with “mock” employees and positions to enter different EPA types in the Canopy training. This course is taught by a Payroll Services instructor.


  • Access to FAMIS training is required for all class attendees. If you do not have FAMIS access, you must submit the FD-805 Financial Systems Access Request Form and complete the online introduction to FAMIS course.  FAMIS access information can be found at http://fmo.tamu.edu/training/ online. 
  • Due to this requirement, registration will be locked TWO (2) days before the class date to allow time to set up FAMIS access.

Course Outline

  • The class is composed of lecture and hands-on exercises.  The lecture part consists of defining an EPA, responsibilities of creators and signers, different types of EPA documents and positions, overview of EPA sections and meanings of section fields, brief overview and demonstration of Canopy and Resources.  The hands-on exercises will be three different EPAs.

Please Note: All EPA creators for a department are required to attend this session to obtain EPA creator access.  Approvers and/or Signers of EPAs also need to attend this class if they have not already had FAMIS approver/signer training. 

Course Type: In Classroom
CEU: 0.30

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Category: Professional Development - Employment Law

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